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Health Services


Please click the links below for health information provided by our Lovington School Nurses, the New Mexico Department of Health, and other health organizations.   If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s school nurse.  Thank you!


Dear Wildcat Families,

 We have linked information below to increase awareness regarding lice and bed bugs.  Head lice and bed bugs are a common problem among school-aged children and children often come in close contact with one another while at school.  Consequently, the potential for transmission of head lice and bed bugs exists.  Head lice and bed bugs do not cause disease and are therefore not reportable communicable diseases, but rather they can be an inconvenience and seen as a nuisance.  Please click the links below for further information about head lice and bed bugs.  If you have further questions or need treatment information, please reach out to the school nurse. 

Thank you,

Lovington School Nurses


Head Lice English and Spanish

Bed Bugs English and Spanish