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Human Resources

Robert De la Cruz

Director of Human Resources

18 W. Washington

Lovington, NM  88260

(575) 739-2200

employment opportunities

Director of Human Resources, Robert De La Cruz
Human Resources Technician, Shona Able
18 West Washington Avenue

2020 – 2021 Salary Schedules

Athletic Increments
Deaf Int., PTA, COTA & Nurses
Educational Assistant
Miscellaneous Increments

2020-2021 Substitutes Pay Periods

Below is the link that you will need to take your courses.

Please note – it is very important that you keep/guard the link because you will need it after you have registered to log back in to complete the training. If you have already registered please do not re-register, use the email and password you registered with. If you have forgotten your password contact the “training” contact so they can give you your password. Again, please do not re-register. You will have up to 6 times to enter and complete the courses.

Please take time to print off your Certificate of Completion after you have finished each course.

End User “How to” Register and Log in:

To register, click on the link provided above.

To log in as a Returning Trainee, enter your email address in the box (Been Here Before?) on the left.  Enter the password you created when you first registered.  

To log in for the first time, enter your information in the box on the right for “first time user.” You may create your own password and please do not use a password that is used for anything else such as bank accounts, email accounts or other such personal accounts. Please do not forget your password. You will need your password each time you log in. Follow the registration directions on the screen. It is very important to fill out the registration correctly. After you have logged in you will then be able to see the courses that you will need to complete. Please click on the first course to start the video. After you have finished the video portion you will then take the post quiz. Please take time to print off your Certificate of Completion after you have finished each course.