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Quest Robotics

F. A. R. M. 

Farming and Agricultural Robotic Manufacturers

Leading the way on technological implementation of optimal solution for planting, harvesting, and designing of hydrponic systems.


F.A.R.M. Presentations

Students have shared Froelich’s RBT2K16 Harvester throughout the community this year in presentations to the Lovington Lions Club, Lovington School Board Meeting, Yarbro Elementary Quest students, and Sixth Grade Academy students in Mrs. Chesser’s Technology Class.

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Quest Robotics Camp 2016

This summer we went to a three-day robotics camp that helped us to learn how to use Photoshop, graphic design software, and SolidWorks, CAD software. We also were able to work with engineers from Navajo Refinery in Artesia, NM. During this time, the engineers provided challenges for us to complete as a group. One challenge question asked “How can you lift a pencil off of the ground without touching the pencil?” During camp, we were split up into teams that were competing against each other. At the conclusion of the camp, the Green team won but we all had a great time preparing for this year’s completion.

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Quest Mining Industries

“Leaders in

Boosting Engineering, Science and Technological

Mining Repair and Retrieval”

3rd Place BEST Award

West Texas BEST

Robotics Competition

October 24, 2015